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Veronica Brown-Moseley Talks Student Loans on Coast Live

We talk with a local attorney, Veronica Brown-Moseley from Boleman Law Firm, about the legal and financial issues for those coping with bankruptcy to manage student loan debt.

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Bankruptcy Court Slams NetCredit for Violating Debtors’ Rights

by Mark C. Leffler, Esq, and Emily Connor Kennedy, Esq.

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John Bollinger Discusses Concerns for Future Debt Collection with ABI

What are the concerns after the Supreme Court's ruling in Henson v. Santander Consumer? Could it affect you? Find out what John Bollinger has to say here!

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Matthew Hahne Talks Taxes on Coast Live

Tax season is upon us and Matthew Hahne sits down with Coast Live to talk about this stressful time. Could bankruptcy be an option?

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IWIRC Announcement

We are proud to announce that Veronica Brown-Moseley has been elected Co-Chair of IWIRC’s Virginia Network. International Women's Insolvency & Restructuring Confederation. IWIRC is committed to the connection, promotion and success of women in the insolvency and restructuring professions worldwide.

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Tidewater Bankruptcy Bar Association Announcements

Boleman Law Firm, P.C., is proud to announce two Tidewater Bankruptcy Bar Association elections.

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2017 Young Lawyer of the Year Announcement

Boleman Law Firm, P.C., is proud to announce Amanda DeBerry has been selected as the 2017 Young Lawyer of the Year by the Richmond Bar Association.

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Association Announcements

Boleman Law Firm, P.C., is proud to announce a number of association elections.

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Hahne named to GLSA Board

Matt Hahne has been elected a Director of Group Legal Services Association (GLSA) a nonprofit, ABA-affiliated organization, located in Chicago, Illinois.

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NACTT Academy Announcement

Boleman Law Firm, P.C., is proud to announce Mark C. Leffler has been elected President of The NACTT Academy for Consumer Bankruptcy Education, Inc.

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Negative impact from housing crash shifts to “interest only” home equity lines of credit

Homeowners who signed up for “interest only” lines of credit 10 to 15 years ago are starting to default as the principal payments kick in. Underwater mortgages are of particular concern to lenders.
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Second mortgage stripping still allowed in Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Supreme Court ruling still allows stripping underwater second mortgage in Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Bankruptcy & your government security clearance

Military and government personnel are concerned that filing bankruptcy may negatively impact their security clearance and their jobs -- even when a superior instructs them to file. Here are some guidelines.
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New Boleman Law website informs and communicates

Boleman Law wesbite launch featured in Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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Financial wellness programs boost workplace productivity.

Financial wellness programs boost productivity. Workers under financial strain are more likely to be distracted and absent from work.

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Payday loan business coming under close scrutiny by CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is looking into payday lending and in the next 12 to 18 months may issue guidance or propose regulations for the $46 billion business. At a CFPB hearing in Richmond last week speakers for and against payday loans were heard. Read more ...

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Credit Reporting Agencies Make Changes

Credit reporting agencies have agreed to be more conscientious in fixing credit report errors and to wait longer before including unpaid medical bills in reports and credit scores.

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Croatia cancels the debts of 60,000 poor people.

Croatia cancels debts for 60,000 citizens. But don’t expect the same in the U.S.

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Six Tips for choosing a bankruptcy lawyer

Choosing an experienced bankruptcy lawyer is essential to getting a fresh financial start. Here are some tips to make that first meeting more productive.

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Important Tax Filing News

Free Tax Preparation & Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) information

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Boleman Law Firm. We will help you.

If paying for a bankruptcy has been preventing you from moving ahead, we can discuss options to make it affordable.

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January 30th is EITC Awareness Day

Friday, January 30th is Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day. Virginia government, wonderful community groups and businesses across the Commonwealth have joined with the IRS in promoting the initiative.

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Veronica D. Brown joins Boleman Law Firm

(Richmond, VA – 12-15-2014) Boleman Law Firm, P.C. is pleased to announce that Veronica D. Brown-Moseley has joined the Firm as a bankruptcy attorney.

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Stephen F. Relyea joins Boleman Law Firm

(Richmond, VA – 12-15-2014) Boleman Law Firm, P.C. is pleased to announce that Stephen F. Relyea has joined the Firm as a bankruptcy attorney.

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Christina P. Spratley joins Boleman Law Firm

(Richmond, VA – 12-15-2014) Boleman Law Firm, P.C. is pleased to announce that Christina P. Spratley has joined the Firm as a bankruptcy attorney.

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Time to get straight with the IRS.

Tax season is special. Few people enjoy it, but most somehow make the effort to file. For some the incentive is a refund. For those who have to pay, the incentive may be to prevent interest charges and fines. 

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Over 25% of us aren’t ready for a financial emergency.

In America today, 28% of us have more in credit card debt than we have in savings. That’s up 5% in the past two years. Another 17% of us don’t have any credit card debt, but we don’t have any emergency savings either.

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Online payday lending is a growing concern.

Our offices have been abuzz over the past couple of weeks about the recent Pew Charitable Trust report on online payday lending. Among the highlights: 650% APR is typical for lump sum online payday loans.  

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Money for nothing and your “checks” for free.*

It’s that time of the year again when the airwaves are humming with offers of lump sum payments on structured settlements, pennies-on-the-dollar tax payments, debt consolidation and instant cash for car titles. No credit check! Get cash with an easy payday loan. 

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Many Virginians Still Struggling to Make Ends Meet.

The “dollar stores” are a good barometer of the economy.

The recent announcement from Family Dollar highlights the growing income gap between consumers who are regaining ground after the depression and those who are still stuck.

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Financial problems strike the rich and famous, too.

Watching all the glitz and glamor of Academy Awards recently I was struck by the thought that celebrities may be much like many Virginians. They, too, have run into overwhelming debt and filed for personal bankruptcy.

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Would Santa take out a title loan against his big red sleigh?

I was watching TV a few days ago when I saw an ad that raised my blood pressure to the boiling point. It showed “Mr. and Mrs. Santa” discussing how to pay for Christmas. Mrs. Santa, in a moment of weakness, recommends taking out a title loan on their reindeer sleigh. They could get up to $5,000, she notes, without a credit check.

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Our wish for you this Holiday Season.

Twenty-three years ago my wife, Gayle, and I started Boleman Law Firm in a tiny Richmond office. We never dreamed of a future where Boleman Law would be the largest bankruptcy law firm in Virginia. Nor that we’d be privileged to help more than 106,000 Virginians regain their financial health.

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Experts differ on future impact by millennials on real estate.

“In the affordable markets the millennials are already buying in huge numbers.” So says Jonathan Smoke, chief economist at speaking at the National Association of Realtors last week. Even with student loan debt and a below par job market, he believes that these 18 to 35-year-olds are the home buyers of the future.

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Credit cards are convenient, but watch out for fees.

Apple and at least one other vendor are looking to get rid of credit cards. Wave your iPhone over the reader and funds will be instantly deducted from your account to pay for your purchase. But let’s be sensible, there will also be fees just like credit cards.

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2015 could be the year for your fresh financial start.

For many of us, January is the time for our annual renewal. We acknowledge that 2014 is over, along with the problems and joys, and that 2015 is here, bright and shiny. It’s time to get healthy and get a fresh start.

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