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Eviction Resoruces

Boleman Law is aware of the challenging times many find themselves in due to COVID-19 and unemployment rates. As eviction memorandums across the country expire, many may find themselves in the process of losing their residence.

Please find curated eviction resources here:

  1. Virginia Rent and Mortgage Relief Program.
    • This is a state-wide program that has funds available to cover past-due rent payments due beginning in April 2020.
    • Tenants can apply, and the landlord can apply on behalf of the tenant as well.
    • This program is accepting applications through November 15th.
    • Click here to be taken to their website.
  2. Virginia Eviction Legal Helpline
  3. City of Richmond Eviction Diversion Program
    • Pro Bono Program through the Greater Richmond Bar Foundation in partnership with the City of Richmond, HOME, and CVLAS.
    • Only available to tenants renting within the City of Richmond AND having already received an unlawful detainer from the Richmond General District Court.
    • Financial assistance may be available to help the tenant pay off the rent arrears within 3 months or less.
    • Click here to be taken to their website.
    • Call: 1-833-663-8428, press 4, and leave a message.
  4. Housing Opportunities Made Equal
  5. Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia
    • Campaign to Reduce Evictions
      • Legal Aid volunteers are present at public housing dockets for Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake accepting eligible clients for representation on the spot. The program focused on helping those who have public and subsidized housing maintain it.
    • Those eligible to receive legal aid services can also receive assistance with navigating available remedies to resolve unlawful detainers.
    • Only available to individuals in the Tidewater area.
    • Click here to be taken to their website.
  6. Central Virginia Legal Aid Society
    • CVLAS provides individuals with assistance in receiving protections under the CDC’s order banning evictions through the end of the year.
    • Only available to individuals in the Richmond area.
    • Click here to be taken to their website.

For more resources, please click here.

If you are behind on your rent payments, a skilled, experienced lawyer will help you explore legal options available to you that can help you catch up on your payments and stay in your residence.

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