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How do I make a Trustee payment?

Your first Trustee payment is made at the Boleman Law Firm office. It must be a cashier’s check or money order made out to your Trustee, with your bankruptcy case number listed on the front. (Cash, personal check, credit and debit cards are not accepted for first payment.)

The subsequent Trustee payments are made directly to your Trustee with a cashier’s check, money order or personal check. Some Trustees offer a bank draft, others will do a mandatory payroll deduction. Be sure to reference your case number on your payment.

How much is my monthly payment? How do I find out the status of my Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

You can access your Chapter 13 bankruptcy information online by going to This website will give you the status of your case, the estimated balance, and the number of months left in your Chapter 13 payment plan. It will also tell you what creditors have filed a claim. (If we have petitioned the Court for supplemental fees and costs it may not be listed in the balances shown.) It is a simple log-in process.

Tracking your case on a regular basis will help you complete your payment plan and obtain the discharge.

What is a 341 meeting?

The 341 meeting is a meeting of creditors, however usually the creditors don’t attend. It is required that you attend or the Trustee can dismiss your case. Your Boleman Law Firm attorney will be there with you to answer any questions. If you have a scheduling conflict it is important that you contact our office immediately.


What does this letter mean?

What do I do?

Boleman Law is here to help you through the many steps in the bankruptcy process. If you are facing any of the circumstances listed below you can contact us directly by email and we will help you.

I have received a letter about a Motion for Relief.

What is this and what do I do?

Motion for Relief (from automatic stay) or MFR is filed by a secured creditor seeking permission from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to proceed with foreclosure/repossession procedures. It could be filed due to lapse in insurance coverage or payments to the secured creditor, i.e. auto loan or mortgage. It does not mean that the property will be automatically be repossessed/foreclosed. Contact us immediately.

Email Boleman Law at:

I received a letter about a Motion to Dismiss.

What is this and what do I do?

Motion to Dismiss for Payment Default: This Motion is filed by the Trustee, requesting the Court to dismiss the case due to missing payments. These motions can be resolved so that your case can continue. You need to contact us immediately.

Motion to Dismiss for Unreasonable Delay: This Motion is filed for several reasons.  Either we have not provided information or documents requested by the Trustee, or your Chapter 13 Plan needs to be changed. These issues are usually easily resolved so that your case can continue. You need to contact us immediately.

Email Boleman Law at:

I need a Loan Modification.

What do I do?

Loan Modification – Loan Mod (Mortgage only):  We will file a Motion for Authority to Modify Existing Mortgage for our debtors once we receive the agreement. We do not negotiate terms with the mortgage company, but we do need permission from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Typically the mortgage company will have the Client begin trial payments, and then send them an agreement. Once they have the agreement, they need to get it to Boleman Law so we can draft the Motion. (Chapter 13 only)

Email Boleman Law at:

I am in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and my circumstances have changed.

What do I do?
  • I need to finance a car.
  • Sell my house.
  • Refinance my house.
  • Get a student loan or any debt for more than $5000.

Motions – (Miscellaneous Motions):  We need to file a Motion with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for any of the things that Clients want/need to do during their Chapter 13 case that needs Court approval: Financing anything for more than $5,000 (Combined); Selling Property (real or personal); Refinancing (Mortgages only); Incurring Student Loan Debt (for more than $5000).

Email Boleman Law at: (Not to be used for other motions already listed or Motions to Extend/Impose Automatic Stay.)

I have received a letter that is an Objection to Confirmation of Chapter 13 Plan.

What is this and what do I do?

Objection to Confirmation of Chapter 13 Plan or OBJ:  This objection is filed by either a secured creditor, Trustee, IRS or VA Dept. of Taxation seeking Court to deny confirmation of the proposed Chapter 13 plan. The entity that filed the objection is usually seeking a change in the Chapter 13 plan to their benefit.  This does NOT dismiss the case automatically. Since the deadline to file Objections is one week prior to Confirmation Hearing, we may only receive notice in a very short time frame and need to have immediate contact with you.

Email Boleman Law at:

I need help.

What do I do?
  • I am behind on my Trustee payments (but have not received a Motion to Dismiss yet)
  • I am behind on my mortgage payments (but have not received a Motion for Relief yet)
  • I have had a change in income/expenses
  • I changed employers
  • I changed my address
  • I am getting separated/divorced
  • I had a car accident
  • I have a personal injury/worker’s compensation claim

Email Boleman Law at:

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