Medical Bills

Medical Bills

Medical costs are a fact of life. Sometimes it’s very expensive. And even if you have health insurance, there’s the deductible and items insurance doesn’t cover.

If you’re like most people, living paycheck to paycheck, medical debt can make it very difficult to keep the bills paid.

If medical bills are causing you financial hardship, contact Boleman Law immediately.

Your call will set up a free appointment with a skilled, experienced attorney to review your legal rights and protections.

If you are getting calls or collection letters about your medical bills, contact Boleman Law immediately.

There are legal protections to help you through this difficult time. We know them and will use them on your behalf.

If you have a relative or friend with overwhelming medical bills, ask them to contact Boleman Law immediately.

We are Virginia’s largest consumer bankruptcy law firm and, since 1991, we have helped more than 106,000 Virginians get back financial health.


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