Help a Friend

Friend or family member with a financial problem?

We will help them.

Job loss. Garnishment. Foreclosure. Vehicle repossession. Even depression. These are often the signs of a friend, family member or colleague with a serious financial problem.

Sometimes they want to talk and seek out help. Other times they may be sensitive and try to hide the problem until it’s too late.

A few points you may want to discuss with them…

Getting a payday or title loan is easy, but can be very difficult to pay off.

The loan may seem like a life saver but the interest rates are extremely high and paying it off on time may well be impossible, leading to a downward debt spiral.

Many of the advertised debt relief schemes are really just scams.

TV, phone, Internet and mail scams say they can reduce or eliminate debt. Avoid any scheme that wants an up-front payment. They will take your friend’s money and do nothing.

Communicate immediately with debtors.

Contact credit cards, vehicle loan and others to see if payments can be lowered or other arrangements can be made.

Apply for a mortgage loan modification.

Ask for a lower payment. For free advice about a mortgage loan modification they can contact a HUD-approved housing counselor who will help at no charge. Speak with an expert 24/7 at 888-995-4673 or visit online

Attempting to file a pro se (do it yourself) bankruptcy.

It seems easy but a pro se Chapter 13 bankruptcy (which may allow them to keep their home, car and other assets) has a 100% failure rate in Virginia.

Boleman Law will help them.

They can contact us now to set up a FREE consultation with a skilled, experienced bankruptcy attorney.

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