Cost of bankruptcy

Bankruptcy costs are set by the court so most attorneys charge about the same.

Everyone receives a free consultation with a skilled, experienced Boleman Law attorney before any costs or fees are payable.

Chapter 7:

$338 Bankruptcy Court filing fee*, $25 credit counseling fee**, recording of homestead deed**, $40-$80 multi-source credit report** / up to $1600 attorney fees***.

Chapter 13:

$313 Bankruptcy Court filing fee*, credit counseling fee** / Advance payment of $438 to $838 toward attorney fees.

The remainder of the total attorney fee of $6339 can be paid over up to 60 months through the client’s payment plan.

*The Bankruptcy Courts require clients to pay these costs themselves. The Firm is prohibited from paying them.

**Clients may not be required to pay these costs in certain circumstances.

***The exclusive Boleman Helps program may reduce Chapter 7 attorney fees to $0 for qualified people. Discuss this option with your Boleman Law attorney during your free consultation.

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©2023 Boleman Law Firm, P.C.

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