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Vehicle Repossession

Late on your car payments? Vehicle repossessed?

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Behind on your mortgage? Received a foreclosure notice?

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Behind on your bills? Received a garnishment notice?

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Overwhelming Debt

Stressed out? Overwhelmed? Can’t keep up with the bills?

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Living paycheck to paycheck? Now your job is gone!

Losing your job – and your income – can be devastating. How do you pay the bills? How long can you hang on? Where can you get help?

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Got a payday or title loan that never seems to get paid off?

A payday or title loan may have seemed like the only answer at the time. But between the fees and interest it never gets paid off and now you owe more than ever.

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Has a divorce put you up against the financial wall?

Not only is a divorce a time of great emotional turmoil, it probably means that an income is gone and the responsibility for supporting a home and children now rests on one person – you.

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Can you pay your mortgage this month? Behind on payments?

Keeping up your mortgage payments can be a struggle. Especially when there are so many other bills that must to be paid. Not to mention emergency expenses.

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Are student loan payments destroying your life? Behind or in default on your payments?

Millions of Americans have student loans. And sometimes life, jobs and circumstances get in the way. You can’t keep it up to date. And then you’re in trouble.

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Have you received notice of a judgment or lien? Ignoring it won’t make it go away.

You’ve had a financial problem or a bill you couldn’t pay. A tax problem, perhaps. Now there’s a judgment filed against you.

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Wow! The bills just keep coming. Credit card, car payment, mortgage or rent, medical, power and utilities. Just to name a few!

It’s difficult to juggle them all at once. One gets missed. Then another. Pretty soon you’re behind, worried and don’t know what to do. We will help you.

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