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Croatia cancels the debts of 60,000 poor people.

Croatia cancels debts for 60,000 citizens. But don’t expect the same in the U.S.

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Important Tax Filing News

Free Tax Preparation & Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) information

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Boleman Law Firm. We will help you.

If paying for a bankruptcy has been preventing you from moving ahead, we can discuss options to make it affordable.

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January 30th is EITC Awareness Day

Friday, January 30th is Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day. Virginia government, wonderful community groups and businesses across the Commonwealth have joined with the IRS in promoting the initiative.

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Time to get straight with the IRS.

Tax season is special. Few people enjoy it, but most somehow make the effort to file. For some the incentive is a refund. For those who have to pay, the incentive may be to prevent interest charges and fines. 

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Over 25% of us aren’t ready for a financial emergency.

In America today, 28% of us have more in credit card debt than we have in savings. That’s up 5% in the past two years. Another 17% of us don’t have any credit card debt, but we don’t have any emergency savings either.

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Online payday lending is a growing concern.

Our offices have been abuzz over the past couple of weeks about the recent Pew Charitable Trust report on online payday lending. Among the highlights: 650% APR is typical for lump sum online payday loans.  

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Money for nothing and your “checks” for free.*

It’s that time of the year again when the airwaves are humming with offers of lump sum payments on structured settlements, pennies-on-the-dollar tax payments, debt consolidation and instant cash for car titles. No credit check! Get cash with an easy payday loan. 

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Many Virginians Still Struggling to Make Ends Meet.

The “dollar stores” are a good barometer of the economy.

The recent announcement from Family Dollar highlights the growing income gap between consumers who are regaining ground after the depression and those who are still stuck.

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Financial problems strike the rich and famous, too.

Watching all the glitz and glamor of Academy Awards recently I was struck by the thought that celebrities may be much like many Virginians. They, too, have run into overwhelming debt and filed for personal bankruptcy.

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2015 could be the year for your fresh financial start.

For many of us, January is the time for our annual renewal. We acknowledge that 2014 is over, along with the problems and joys, and that 2015 is here, bright and shiny. It’s time to get healthy and get a fresh start.

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