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John Bollinger Discusses Concerns for Future Debt Collection with ABI

What are the concerns after the Supreme Court's ruling in Henson v. Santander Consumer? Could it affect you? Find out what John Bollinger has to say here!

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Matthew Hahne Talks Taxes on Coast Live

Tax season is upon us and Matthew Hahne sits down with Coast Live to talk about this stressful time. Could bankruptcy be an option?

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Negative impact from housing crash shifts to “interest only” home equity lines of credit

Homeowners who signed up for “interest only” lines of credit 10 to 15 years ago are starting to default as the principal payments kick in. Underwater mortgages are of particular concern to lenders.
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Bankruptcy & your government security clearance

Military and government personnel are concerned that filing bankruptcy may negatively impact their security clearance and their jobs -- even when a superior instructs them to file. Here are some guidelines.
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