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Chris Baker talks about the end of Covid-19 protections on 3WTKR Coast Live

Chris Baker on Coast Live

Boleman Law attorney Chris Baker recently appeared on 3WTKR Coast Live to talk about how creditors are responding following the end of Covid-related consumer protections.

Baker talked about the rise of foreclosure, evictions, garnishments, utility shutoffs, and lawsuits as COVID-era relief programs have ended. Further, he mentioned that creditors are businesses as well, who due to COVID restrictions were not allowed to start collections or garnishments, however, now they are able to as protections ended with the end of 2021. Mortgage lenders are looking to receive lump-sum payments or are starting foreclosure proceedings; additionally, bank liens, wage garnishments, and repossessions have started.

If you are worried about your financial health post-pandemic, please schedule an appointment with Boleman Law today.

+ See Full 3WTKR Coast Live Segment here


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