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Callie Gibson presents at Richmond Bar’s Annual Meeting

Callie Gibson Richmond Bar

Recently, Boleman Law’s Callie Gibson presented alongside the Hon. Keith Philips and Justin Paget at the annual meeting of the Richmond Bar Association. The presentation focused on “Recent Developments: an Update on the Richmond Bankruptcy Court and Topics of Interest from a Business and a Consumer Practitioner.”

Callie spoke to recent changes and hot topics affecting consumer bankruptcy practice. She provided a detailed analysis of the recent Supreme Court decision in the City of Chicago v. Fulton case, which could affect debtors’ ability to regain possession of their vehicles after filing a bankruptcy case.

Callie provided practical tips and considerations to prepare for the potential impacts of this decision in order to get vehicles returned to those that need them. She then highlighted some of the pandemic-related protections available to current and future bankruptcy filers afforded by the CARES and Consolidated Appropriations Acts. Mortgage forbearances, plan modifications, and foreclosure moratoriums can all impact the way a bankruptcy case should be handled, and Callie discussed different ways to address these changes.

With so many current and prospective clients facing large sums of mortgage arrears at the end of a forbearance period, Callie recommended being proactive in proposing different options to resolve the arrears in order to help keep more people in their homes.

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