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Bank Accounts Following Bankruptcy Filing

Filing bankruptcy is not the end for your bank account; there are many options still available to you.

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Bankruptcy and Bumps in the Road of Life

All people experience “bumps in the road” of life, such as job loss, illness, or death.  If you experience such an event during your Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you should first inform your attorney.  Every person’s circumstances are different, and your attorney will help you choose the option that best fits with your case and your goals.

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Bankruptcy and your government security clearance.

Military personnel and other government employees fear that filing personal bankruptcy, may negatively impact their security clearance and their jobs (even when instructed to do so by a superior to keep their security clearance). Here are some clearance investigation guidelines.

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Bankruptcy Court Slams NetCredit for Violating Debtors’ Rights

by Mark C. Leffler, Esq, and Emily Connor Kennedy, Esq.

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Bankruptcy stops: foreclosure, repossession, garnishment, harassing calls.

People with overwhelming debt are often faced with legal consequences. Bankruptcy is legal protection that helps them get a fresh financial start.

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Bankruptcy versus Foreclosure or Short Sale.

Negotiating with your lender may help you to avoid foreclosure on your home. If negotiating is not an option, filing bankruptcy may be the next option before foreclosure. 

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Bankruptcy myths.

Bankruptcy is a mystery to many people and plenty of myths have grown up around the legal process. Here are some common misunderstandings along with the facts.

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Chapter Choice: Risk of incurring new debts after the filing of your bankruptcy.

Deciding which type of bankruptcy to file can be complicated. It is important to understand how the different types of bankruptcy will address the debts that you have.

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Creating a personal budget.

An important step in taking control of your personal finances is to create a realistic budget and stick to it.

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Differences: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Overwhelming debt? Time for a fresh start? There are two options for filing personal bankruptcy in Virginia: Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. During your free consultation our attorneys can help you decide which option is best for your situation.

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Divorce and Bankruptcy: What are my options?

Folks often schedule a free consultation with us on the recommendation of their divorce attorney. Oftentimes, financial difficulties and divorce go hand-in-hand.  

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Do you have equity in Real Estate? We will help you!

One of the biggest myths I hear from people regarding bankruptcy is that they cannot file bankruptcy because the Trustee will take their home.

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Do you need to file for bankruptcy?

Though we have not met, here is what I know. You’ve worked hard, paid your bills and built up your credit rating – and then something bad happened. 

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Financial problems can happen to anyone.

If you’re worried about your financial situation, don’t be embarrassed. You’re not alone. There are legal solutions. We will help you.

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How to choose a bankruptcy lawyer.

Finding an expert bankruptcy specialist can make a huge difference when you’re working to regain your financial health.

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Objection to Confirmation 101

What is an Objection to Confirmation of the Plan? 
In all Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases a plan must be filed with the Court. The plan explains how debts will be paid in a bankruptcy case. The Court’s approval of a plan is called “confirmation.”

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Pro Se Debtors: Deficiencies, Inefficiencies, and Possible Solutions

By Amanda DeBerry and Angela Haen ¹

From a debtor’s perspective, filing bankruptcy is an expensive proposition. In addition to the court filing fee and mandatory credit counseling course, there is the cost of an attorney to represent them throughout the process. 

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Pump the brakes on student loan debt

In most instances, student loan debt is not dischargeable in bankruptcy.  However, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case can allow an individual to pump the brakes on student loan debt long enough to regain financial stability.

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Qualifying for an apartment while in bankruptcy

Our clients are often concerned about renting an apartment after their bankruptcy case is filed.

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Six tips on interviewing a bankruptcy lawyer.

Choosing a skilled, experienced bankruptcy lawyer is essential to getting a fresh financial start.

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Solutions for an overwhelming mortgage payment.

The mortgage payment was OK when you bought the house. But things have changed. Job loss. Medical bills. You’ve missed some payments. Fortunately, there are solutions.

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Stopping harassing debt collection calls.

For people facing overwhelming debt, just answering the phone or opening the mail can be stressful.

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Successful outcomes through bankruptcy.

“Successful” depends on your perspective, but an outcome that relieves overwhelming debt and gives people a financial – and emotional – fresh start should be considered successful.

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Surprising Information About Your Credit

Credit reporting can be confusing. Quite often, what seems like "common knowledge" or "common sense" is, well, wrong. Many of the truths behind credit reporting may surprise you.

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The basics of repossession.

If you fail to pay a secured creditor*, repossession is a legal process that allows that creditor to take back or repossess the property (collateral) that secures the debt. 

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The Future of Student Loans

Read Christina T. Parrish's article the Future of Student Loans: The Brunner Test in the 21st Century & The Consumer's Hunger for Change in the December issue of the Virginia State Bar's Virginia Lawyer Magazine.

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The law firm that started on a door.

In 1991 Gayle and I started a bankruptcy law firm in Richmond. We had one room. We couldn’t afford a desk. So we took off an inside door, laid it across two low file cabinets and made a desk that we shared.

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Underwater homes: How to keep your feet dry.

Only a few short years ago, people thought of their family home as an investment that would pay valuable dividends in the future. How times have changed!

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We accept Group Legal Insurance plans.

Many people have group legal insurance or group legal discount plans through their work, union or other organization. Boleman Law is an approved legal network provider for most plans.

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What Happens When a Married Couple Who Has Filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Separates?

Married couples frequently file a bankruptcy case together in what is called a joint case.  The Chapter 13 term lasts three to five years.  Sometimes the couple’s relationship falls apart during that term.  This article discusses three options that an attorney would discuss with the couple.

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What if I Need a New Car During my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Many clients wonder what will happen if their current vehicle breaks down or is a total loss during the term of their Chapter 13 Plan. While it is preferable to pay cash for a new vehicle, expenses in our lives do not always allow for this. ​The bankruptcy does not prohibit you from incurring debt but the process does require patience. We will discuss all your options with you prior to you making a decision. 

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When Things Don’t Go According to the Plan

Rule 3002.1: A Case Odyssey ¹

Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 3002.1 was intended to address communication problems regarding mortgage companies and Chapter 13 debtors, and the rule furthers its goal of increased transparency in two ways. 

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You can keep the shirt on your back.

Some people think that filing for bankruptcy means that you’ll lose everything – even the shirt on your back. But that’s not the case. An experienced attorney will help protect you while maintaining your rights.

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