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How Bankruptcy Lawyers Get Paid From Bankrupt Clients

Dealing with bankruptcy may bring on a sense of Catch-22 for some people. If you need to file for bankruptcy because you have no money, how do you expect to pay for the attorney who will represent you? Furthermore, if you are unable to file yourself for some reason, how can you file for bankruptcy without a lawyer, whom you can't afford? The notion of finding a firm with a concentration in bankruptcy law may intimidate some people, and perhaps even dissuade one from looking into filing at all as an option. It's important to know that one shouldn't feel ashamed about considering bankruptcy - many factors come into play that you can't necessarily control, and if you have looked into the option you may want to research how to handle fees.

How does your bankruptcy lawyer get paid? It's apparent that they do, unless you happen to have one in the family who would be willing to work pro bono as a favor to you. If not, you have the option of searching the Internet or getting recommendations from work, family or friends. Once you do find the right one to assist you, the matter of fees will come up. Costs associated with filing may include obtaining the necessary paperwork for your case, enrollment with a credit counseling service, the fees associated with filing in a bankruptcy court, and your lawyer's fees. The actual price will vary depending on the legal counsel you hire, your location, and other factors.

It could add up over time, but the money has to be paid. How do you pay it?

1) It is not uncommon for a relative to cover some or all of the costs associated with filing for bankruptcy. If you do approach family or close friends for a loan, be sure to work out the specifics of repayment. Borrowing money for anything can be prickly where family is involved, so make sure everything is settled before the check is cut.

2) Discuss the possibility of a payment plan with your attorney. It is possible that your lawyer is willing to work out a deal, given your situation. Be careful, however, not to take advantage of any goodwill - make good on your debts according to the arrangements made.

However you go about handling your personal debts, know that there is competent help available to you. Don't be afraid to seek it.

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