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If you are reading this you likely have been worried about your financial situation for some time and are probably considering bankruptcy.  With sixteen expert bankruptcy lawyers and offices in Richmond, Virginia Beach, and Hampton, we at Boleman Law welcome the chance to help you.

Boleman bankruptcy lawyers and our highly trained professional staff are experts in bankruptcy. We only practice consumer bankruptcy law. There is no need to feel embarrassed, you are not the first person to consider bankruptcy. In fact, Congress passed bankruptcy laws to protect people just like you. We know exactly how to prevent your losing your house or car or losing your wages to garnishment and how to stop harassing collection calls. We are totally dedicated to helping people get a fresh financial start and we can help you. You need to speak with a bankruptcy expert as soon as possible. Don't lose your important Virginia bankruptcy rights by waiting. Call Boleman Law. We would be honored to help you. - G. Russell "Rusty" Boleman, III - Founder


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You may have lost child support or alimony. Don’t lose your home.
Out of control? Get your financial and physical health back on track.
Pay cuts shouldn’t mean taking food off of the table. We can help.


Do I need bankruptcy?
Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? Should I do it myself?
Our lawyers will work with you to determine your financial options.
If you need to file, we'll help you.
There are many options for filing bankruptcy. We'll help you find the program to address you needs.
Filing your own bankruptcy is complicated and risky. Uncover the dangers before you attempt it.
Don’t Delay Another Minute Make the Right Choice Learn the Risks


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83,000 homeowners in Hampton Roads own homes that are underwater.Many people do not realize that an experienced, knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer can help homeowners eliminate the “underwater” second mortgages, equity lines and other types of junior liens.
Some people think that filing for bankruptcy means that you’ll lose everything – even the shirt on your back. But, under the law, you can keep your personal property. An experienced attorney will help protect you. Read more about filing chapter 13 bankruptcy in Virginia.
According to a 2009 Harvard University study, 42% of personal bankruptcies in the U.S. are the result of medical expenses. Interestingly, 78% of the filers had some form of health insurance, bucking the myth that medical bills affect only the uninsured. Job loss accounts for 22% of personal bankruptcies. The loss of insurance coverage and the cost of COBRA insurance also drain the job seeker’s resources. Not having an emergency fund to fall back on worsens the situation. Using credit cards to stay afloat can be disastrous.

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free virginia bankruptcy consultation
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